Ultimate Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers

From the fate of famous ships to the depths of the deep blue, do you have what it takes to dive headfirst into our ocean trivia questions?

ocean trivia questions and answers

Did you know 80% of our oceans still haven’t been explored yet? It’s stunning to think what’s out there.

One thing’s for certain though, our planet’s oceans are astoundingly beautiful and absolutely teeming with creatures we’ll very rarely have the opportunity to see.

So, to learn a little more about our waters, we’ve put together 15 of our favorite ocean trivia questions to challenge any aquatic experts and put some spotlight on the world’s underwater wonders!

Of course, there’s more to the oceans than those lurking beneath its waves. They’ve played host to some of the most intriguing mysteries we’ve ever encountered over the years, the likes of which have seen entire museums dedicated to the legacies of those involved.

ocean quiz questions
How much do you know about the world’s oceans?

If you have a passion for historical highlights such as the sinking of the Titanic or the recent rediscovery of Shackleton’s Endurance then you’re in for a real treat. Those of you with a good understanding of geography should also find plenty of questions you can really show off on!

Whether or not you’re confident your oceanic observations will earn you top marks, you’re certain to learn something fascinating in our ocean quiz no matter what, so let’s see what you can do!

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questions about the ocean
It’s time for our questions about oceans now!

Ocean Trivia Questions

Which of the following oceans is the smallest and shallowest?

The Pacific is home to the deepest known trench on the planet - what's its name?

In which year did the Titanic famously sink beneath the Atlantic?

The Pacific's Great Barrier Reef is comprised of approximately how many individual reefs?

Which of the following countries does NOT border the Atlantic Ocean?

Shackleton's famous ship, the Endurance, was recently found sunk beneath which ocean?

'The Ring of Fire' is a path of underwater volcanoes and earthquake zones along the floor of which ocean?

Fill in the gap: Approximately ____ of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean.

The world's oceans are home to how many discovered species?

How many oceans does the equator cross?

What percentage of our oceans remain unexplored?

Which ocean current runs through the Atlantic Ocean?

Ocean water moves in what distinctive manner?

The abyssal plains are areas of the ocean floor characterized by what quality?

Where is the Bermuda Triangle located?


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Did you sink or swim in our quiz?

So, how did you find our ocean quiz? Was it plain sailing from beginning to end, or did a question or two land you in deep water?

If you enjoyed your time tackling today’s trivia, why not challenge some of the other quizzes we have on offer? Better still, convince your friends to put their skills to the test and see how they compare!

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