Ultimate Plant Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you have the green fingers? From venus flytraps to daffodils, take our ultimate plant quiz questions to put your knowledge to the test!

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We appreciate all plants, whether they are home-grown or outside in the garden. However, when it comes to plants, there is certainly more to them than meets the eye.

Our natural beauties exist as parts of incredibly complex and diverse ecosystems that continue to amaze us. Did you know that without plants, there could be no human life? They literally give us the oxygen we breathe. Hopefully after playing our plant quiz have a new appreciation for plants!

Think about just how unique each species of plant is. Do you know your common rose from a Japanese blood grass? If you’re as fascinated as we are, why not try these plant quiz questions to test your knowledge on all manner of plant trivia, whether common knowledge or obscure.

plant trivia questions and answers
How much do you know about plants?

Whether you are an ambitious home gardener or a horticulturalist, we can all agree that the world of plants is full of amazing facts.

So, let’s find out how much you do know about our green friends! Read on to play our ultimate plant quiz and truly test your knowledge of plants.

And if you consider yourself a science buff who already knows the importance of plants, then you might want to try your hand at our Ultimate Biology Quiz!

plant quiz questions
It’s time to find out why plants are so special

Plant Quiz Questions

Why are bees so important to plants?

Which part of a flower produces pollen?

How can you tell how old a tree is?

Why do some plants smell nice?

Where is water absorbed by a plant?

What is the biological process by which plants 'make their food'?

In a food chain, plants are known as what?

Mosses and ferns have their own classification of plant. What is its name?

Which plant seed is dispersed by the wind?

What separates a fruit from a vegetable?

Which part of a leaf absorbs sunlight to be used for making food?

The surface layer of a leaf is known as the 'waxy cuticle' - What does it do?

What is a deciduous plant?

Why do cacti have spines all over?

What is the name of the vein that transports water throughout a plant?


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We really hope you enjoyed our plant trivia! We really want to get out in the gardens now and put this new knowledge into practice!

Don’t forget to challenge your friends and family with this quiz and see how they get on with these plant questions.

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