Ultimate Pokemon Quiz Questions and Answers

From attack moves to evolution chains, these Pokemon quiz questions will truly test your knowledge of the Pokemon world!

pokemon quiz questions
Best of luck with these Pokemon quiz questions

Did you love watching Pokemon as a kid? Would you spend hours catching Pokemon on your Gameboy, DS or Nintendo Switch? Well, it’s all been leading to this!

From Pokemon movies, to starter Pokemon, Pokemon generations and Pokemon types, these questions are designed to make your Pokemon quiz skills Super Effective!

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pokemon trivia questions
Good luck with these Pokemon trivia questions

Saddle up your Pokeballs and your Pikachu, and get ready to embark on this trivia journey that will make you want to watch one more episode of your favourite show!

In order to answer these Pokemon quiz questions, you will have to conjure every ounce of knowledge from your Pokedex! If you want to be considered a Pokemon Ace Trainer, try and get at least 10 of these extremely challenging Pokemon questions right.

These Pokemon quiz questions will challenge even the biggest fan
These Pokemon quiz questions will challenge even the biggest fan

Choose wisely as there is only one correct answer from the four options. Will you fall at the first hurdle or will you catch them all?

pokemon quiz questions
How well do you really know Pokemon?

Pokemon Quiz Questions

What is the best selling Pokemon game ever?

How tall is Pikachu?

Which of these starter pokemon evolution chains is incorrect?

Which of these Pokemon trainers are the strongest in the anime?

Which is the most common type of Pokemon?

Which of these original Pokemon (first generation) was never a part of the team Rocket trio?

Which of these Dark type moves is the most powerful?

What is the first Pokemon game that was released for the Nintendo Switch?

Which Pokemon series has the fewest episodes?

Which of these Pokemon cannot perform the Hyper Beam move in Pokemon GO?

What is the name of the Pokemon which was Ash Ketchum’s first catch?

What is the most popular Pokemon according to a poll by The Pokemon Company?

Which of these is not a First Generation psychic type Pokemon?

Which of these Pokemon movies is the longest?

Which Generation introduced the fewest flying type Pokemon?

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