Ultimate Swimming Quiz Questions and Answers

From swimming legends to Olympic records, these swimming quiz questions will challenge even the most knowledgeable fans of the sport.

swimming quiz questions and answers
Are you ready to challenge yourself with these swimming trivia questions?

Do you know all there is to know about swimming? Can you name the legends of the sport? How about the difference between a breaststroke and a butterfly stroke? Or the number of players in a water polo team? These swimming quiz questions will really throw you into the deep end and determine who will sink and who will swim.

swimming quiz
You’ll need pace and determination to get 15/15 in our challenging swimming quiz

With questions about swimming that will separate those needing armbands from potential Olympic champions, you can expect to face a challenge in the pool today. While you might know all about Michael Phelps, can you name the achievements of Johnny Weissmuller, Duke Kahanamoku or Fanny Durack? These swimming quiz questions will really test whether you can keep your head above water!

swimming quiz
This swimming quiz covers famous moments in the sport’s history

If you’ve already enjoyed our Olympic quiz, you’ll be primed and ready to answer some swimming trivia. You will be asked about the history of the sport, about sports legends, such as Michael Phelps and about significant swimming world records. While some of these questions about swimming will challenge you, others are well-known swimming facts.

There are 15 swimming trivia questions in this quiz with each one giving you a choice of 4 different answers. Make sure to choose the right one, as there is only one correct answer. So, on your marks, get set, swim!

swimming quiz
Hopefully you’ll be punching the air for joy when you complete this swimming quiz

Swimming Quiz Questions

Which American competition swimmer became the first woman to swim across the English Channel in 1926?

Leisel Jones is one of the greatest swimmers in which swimming stroke?

How many players are there in a water polo team?

Fanny Durack was the first female swimmer to...?

Which competitive swimmer, gold medal winning Olypmian and well-known movie actor founded the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1965?

What was the first Olympic Games to include a swimming category for women?

Which of the following is a swimming technique?

Who became the youngest competitive swimmer in the world when he qualified at age 10?

What is the length of an Olympic sized swimming pool?

In a medley relay race each member of the team does what?

How many types of swimming strokes are used at international swimming competitions?

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics Michael Phelps broke records by winning the most gold medals ever won in a single Olympic Games. How many medals did he win?

Breaststroke mimics the movements of which creature?

During the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, which country’s men won gold in every swimming event apart from the 200m breaststroke?

Johnny Weissmuller became the first to do what in the 100 metre freestyle in 1922?

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How did you get on with this swimming trivia quiz? Hopefully you’re still afloat! If you enjoyed the quiz, don’t forget to share it with other swimming fans out there and see who comes out top!

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