Ultimate Wimbledon Quiz Questions

From famous singles champions to fascinating facts about Centre Court, these Wimbledon quiz questions will test your knowledge of the tennis championships.

wimbledon quiz questions
These Wimbledon quiz questions will test your knowledge of the tennis championships

Wimbledon fever is here again! We all look forward to these two glorious weeks of tennis at its very best. All eyes will be on Novak Djokovic on Centre Court as he attempts to retain his men’s singles title. Andy Murray is back too, aiming for the top spot once more.

Whether you’re up to date on the tennis players of today or you followed the careers of the likes of Boris Becker, John McEnroe and Tim Henman, there’s plenty to enjoy about this Grand Slam tournament.

wimbledon quiz questions
How will you fare with these Wimbledon quiz questions?

These Wimbledon quiz questions will put even the biggest fans’ knowledge to the test. Do you know how long the longest tiebreak in history went on for? Can you name the female with the most singles titles? Do you know the years of key moments in Wimbledon history?

This Wimbledon quiz is full of fun tennis trivia too. We’ll test whether you know the length of the grass or the colour the balls used to be. It’s time to see how many aces you can score!

wimbledon quiz questions
This Wimbledon quiz will find out if you’re a tennis trivia champion

So grab your racquet, stretch out and prepare to find out who is champion of champions with these tricky Wimbledon quiz questions! Once you’ve completed this quiz, be sure to have a go at our tennis quiz too.

Wimbledon Quiz Questions

In which year did the first Wimbledon tennis tournament take place?

Which female holds the most Wimbledon titles?

What was the score of the legendary 1980 fourth set tie-break between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe?

Which of these is the nickname for an area in Wimbledon?

What nationality is 1992 mens singles champion Andre Agassi?

How many times have Venus and Serena Williams faced each other in a Wimbledon final?

In which year did Andy Murray become Britain's first Wimbledon men's singles champion in 77 years?

How many seats are there in Centre Court?

How tall is the grass on the Wimbledon tennis courts?

Which of these isn't something you'd expect to eat at Wimbledon?

Björn Borg and which other tennis champion hold the record for the most consecutive singles titles with five?

Yellow tennis balls were introduced in 1986. What colour were they before?

How much will the Wimbledon champions take home in 2021?

What is the name of the electronic line monitoring system used at Wimbledon?

Since Wimbledon weather records started in 1922, how many championships have been recorded with no rain interruptions?

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