60 Second General Knowledge Quiz

Can you take the pressure of this speedy 60 second general knowledge quiz? It’s time to race against the clock.

general knowledge quiz
Pit yourself against the clock with this 60 second general knowledge quiz

It’s time for something a little different! This is our first quiz that’s running against the clock. 10 general knowledge trivia questions in 60 seconds. You’ve got to trust your gut as you won’t have time to think about the options in detail!

This speedy general knowledge quiz has questions about music, movies, politics, history and science. You’ll need to be strong willed and have your brainpower turned up to 110%.

70s music quiz with answers
From music and movies to history, how will you fare in this 60-second general knowledge quiz

Maybe you’ll complete it in under 60 seconds, but will you get all the answers correct? It’s harder than you think.

It’s time to find out how you fare in our 60 second general knowledge quiz!

60 Second General Knowledge Quiz

Which percussion instrument is named after its shape?

What currency is used in Australia?

According to The Beatles’ song released in 1966, we all live in a yellow what?

How much is the letter X worth in Scrabble?

Who replaced Richard Harris as Dumbledore in Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban?

In 1940 which politician became the only U.S. President to win a third term in office?

Lebkuchen is the German name for which festive food?

What is a prime number?

Before the ill-fated Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk on April 14, 1912 what was the ship’s intended destination?

In what year did the Berlin Wall fall, heralding the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991?

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Did the pressure of being against the clock get too much? How did you get on?

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