20 BEST 80s Trivia Questions and Answers

These 80s trivia questions will test your knowledge of music, movies and world events. Are you ready for the ultimate trip down memory lane?

80s trivia questions
Step back in time with these 80s trivia questions

The 1980s are back in fashion!

From cult classics at the movies to iconic video games, we’ve put together a set of 80s trivia questions that will test your knowledge and leave you longing for the days of acid-washed jeans and permed hair.

80s trivia questions
These 80s trivia questions cover a bit of everything from the decade

Are these the best 80s trivia questions?

Cast your mind back and immerse yourself in the sound of the 80s. Do you know the difference between punk rock and new wave? Are you an expert when it comes to power ballads?

The 1980s produced some of the most exciting and innovative sounds of the 20th century, and these tough questions will put your 80s music trivia knowledge to the test.

Retro arcade games
These 80s quiz questions cover gaming, movies, politics and more

We’ll also challenge you on pioneering video games, 80s movie trivia, and political revolutions, so you’d better sharpen your skills if you want to succeed with our 80s quiz questions.

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the invention of the internet, the 1980s changed our lives, and we’ve still living with the cultural and political legacy of this turbulent decade.

Berlin Wall, Germany
Do you remember the year the Berlin Wall came down? These 80s trivia questions will test your knowledge!

If you’ve already aced our quizzes about 80s movies and 80s music, you’re definitely ready for this one!

Think you’ve got what it takes? It’s time to test your knowledge with these epic 80s trivia questions. Let’s get started!

80s Trivia Questions

Who is credited with the invention of the Internet in 1989?

In Back to the Future (1985), which year do Marty and Doc end up in when they travel back in time?

The 1988 hit song “Waiting for a Star to Fall” was written by Boy Meets Girl after seeing a falling star at which iconic 80s singer’s concert?

Which of these famous players isn’t one of the top ten NBA Players of the 80s?

Which iconic album by Michael Jackson, released in 1982, is still the second-best selling album of all time, right after Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975 ?

What is the name of the princess who is kidnapped by the evil Bowser in multiple Mario video games?

Which of these Star Wars movies was released in the 80’s?

Which child actor rose to stardom in a 1982 Spielberg film about an unfortunate alien that gets stranded on earth?

When do the events of Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark take place?

Who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 1980s?

What is the name of the eerie historic hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining?

Which is the only cult classic movie featuring Harrison Ford that wasn’t released in the 80’s?

In what year did the Berlin Wall fall, heralding the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991?

Which 1984 comedy action movie starred Eddie Murphy as a street-smart Detroit cop? It took $234 million at the US box office, making it the highest-grossing film of the year.

In which year in the 1980s did the Chernobyl disaster happen?

'The Last Emperor’ won the most Oscars during the 1980s. How many did it win?

In what year did the Iran-Iraq War begin?

What was the name of the theme song from the 1983 romantic drama Flashdance?

Which of the following popular kids games is the only one not to have been released in the 80s?

"Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMahon is regarded as the theme song to which classic 80s vampire flick?

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This 80s decade quiz has been a lot of fun
This 80s decade quiz has been a lot of fun

Feeling nostalgic yet? We hope you nailed these 80s trivia questions and enjoyed our quiz! If you’re feeling confident, why not share it with your family and friends and see who really knows their 80s trivia!

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