Ultimate 90s Trivia Questions and Answers

From 90s movie trivia to American politics, these 90s trivia questions will put you in a nostalgic mood and challenge your knowledge of this iconic decade!

These 90s trivia questions and answers will challenge you
These 90s trivia questions and answers will challenge you

Are you a 90s trivia pro? Do you know all there is to know about 90s pop culture? How about politics, sports and major historical events? If you are up for a challenge and feel like delving into the past, then these 90s quiz questions will have you hooked!

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These 90s trivia questions cover music, movies, politics and more

While you’ve probably watched a host of 90s movies, do you know which ones made history? Can you name the former bands of famous actors or the scientific breakthroughs achieved during the decade? Put yourself to the test and see how much you can remember with our fun selection of 90s trivia questions.

If you’ve already aced our 90s Movie Quiz or scored highly in our 70s and 80s trivia questions this is the next quiz for you!

90s movie quiz questions
How much do you know about 90s movies? These 90s trivia questions will test your knowledge

This quiz will cover a diverse range of topics from music to the Olympics and movie trivia questions. There are 15 questions in total and each has a choice of 4 answers. There is only one correct answer, so make sure you choose right first time!

Ultimate 90s Trivia Questions

Which Danish-Norwegian band released the hit song ‘Barbie Girl’ in 1997?

Exceeding $1 billion at the box office, what was the highest grossing film of the 1990s?

In the TV sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’, what is the name of Cory Matthews' best friend?

Which English soccer player married Spice Girl, Posh Spice (Victoria Adams), in 1999?

'Yo Home to Bel-Air’ is the theme song of which American TV sitcom?

Which Game Boy game was first released with a Red and a Blue version?

Which 1991 movie became the first animated film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture?

Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in 1997 in which city?

Dolly was the name of the world’s first mammal cloned from a somatic cell. Which animal was Dolly?

In which 90s movie did Harrison Ford play the role of President James Marshall?

Who was American President for most of the 1990s between 1993 and 2001?

Which European country united to form a federal republic in October 1990?

In which city were the 1992 Summer Olympics held?

Justin Timberlake was a member of which boyband?

In which 1990s film did Macaulay Culkin play the main character, Kevin McCallister?

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