20 BEST Anime Quiz Questions and Answers

From Naruto to Dragon Ball Z, how well do you know the world of anime & manga? We’re about to put you to the test in our anime quiz questions!

anime quiz questions and answers

It’s time to enter the anime world! Do you consider yourself an otaku? Can you name the writer of Spirited Away? Do you know the main characters in Fullmetal Alchemist? Or the world in which it is set in?

If the answer is yes (or hai), then our anime quiz questions and answers are for you! This is the one for all of you anime fans out there.

anime trivia questions
How much do you know about the world of anime and manga?

Looking for the best anime questions?

Our quiz about anime will challenge your knowledge of this broad genre and separate the true fans from the mere enthusiasts.

You may have heard of Studio Ghibli and know its main productions, but can you name the creator of Dragon Ball, the ship sailed in One Piece or the sport played in Eyeshield 21?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, hopefully you can be the hero today – hopefully you’re not the villain!

anime quiz questions and answers
Only real fans will be able to get 100% in this

We will ask you about anime series writers, about elements of the plot, about the main characters, and about the worlds they inhabit.

Many of the questions will test you on well-known manga facts, but some have been designed to truly challenge you. The question is, will you succeed?

Below are 20 anime general knowledge quiz questions and for each there is a choice of 4 answers. Only one of the answers is correct, so make sure you choose wisely and get them all!

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anime quiz questions and answers
Right, let’s see how you get on – it’s anime time!

Anime Quiz Questions

In which anime series is Ash Ketchum the main character?

Dragon Ball was created by who in 1984?

What is the name of Studio Ghibli’s well-known mascot?

In ‘Sailor Moon’ the anime character Makoto Kino transforms

In ‘Nurato’, the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a host for the powerful Nine-Tales. What creature is the Nine-Tails?

Yubaba is a witch in which animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki?

Which anime series is set in the world of Amestris?

In ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, Sophie is transformed into an old woman by a witch. How old is Sophie as an old woman?

In ‘One Piece’, Monkey D. Luffy originally sets out with the Straw Hat Pirates to become the pirate king on which ship?

Which planet is also known as the Dragon World in ‘Dragon Ball’?

Which series is set in the dark underworld of Victorian London?

In which anime series are Chief Daisuke Aramaki and Major Motoko Kusanag two of the main characters?

Which sport is the focus of ‘Eyeshield 21’?

In ’Cowboy Bebop’ Ein is a genetically engineered dog with human levels of intelligence. Which breed of dog is Ein?

Which one of the following series is about time travel?

Which of these original anime series has NOT been turned into a movie?

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku is sent to destroy earth. What random thing happened to make him change his mind?

What kind of wizard is Lucy in 'Fairy Tail'?

What kind of person is Naruto?

By number, which country has the most anime/manga fans in the world?


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anime trivia questions
How did you get on with our anime trivia questions?

Were you like Naruto and the hero of the story, or were you like Guku and banged your head and forgot everything? Perhaps it means you need to rewatch all those old anime episodes all over again!

Do you want to prove to your family and friends you’re the biggest anime fan around? Share these anime questions with them and see if they can match your knowledge!

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