15 BEST British Culture Quiz Questions and Answers

From monarchy and marriage to famous playwrights and people, keep up-to-date on the United Kingdom and try our British culture quiz questions!

british culture quiz questions and answers

Few countries have done as much to shape modern culture as Great Britain while still remaining relevant on the world stage today. If you’re a boffin on all things Blighty, show us what you’re made of in our British culture quiz!

We’ve got plenty to cover, so expect questions on everything from Kings, Queens, cockney and Christianity. We’ll be looking at the best of Britain’s beers and their most beloved pub grub – who knows, maybe you’ll learn a nifty fact or two!

Do you know which monarch currently reigns over the UK, and can you name any of history’s most famous British Kings? Can you name the patron saint of England or which branch of Christianity is most widely practiced?

british culture questions
How much do you know about British culture?

Looking for the best British culture questions?

Are you familiar with Britain’s most prolific playwright, whose works are still performed worldwide today? Can you name the musical instrument that’s been an iconic part of Scottish culture for centuries?

Needless to say, we’ve a real mix of British culture questions for you to sink your teeth into today! Whether you’re confident you’ve got this or fancy learning a few fun facts, scroll on and give us your best!

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quiz about british culture
Let’s see how you get on in our questions about Britain

British Culture Quiz Questions

Which of these symbols represents British Pound Sterling?

What is the first name of the UK's reigning King?

Whereabouts in the UK was William Shakespeare born?

Who is the Patron Saint of England?

Cockney is an English dialect closely associated with which of the following cities?

Shepherd Neame, Britain's oldest brewery, dates back to when?

How often are general elections typically held in the UK?

What is the legal age for learning to drive in Britain?

Which of these instruments is commonly associated with Scotland?

Which of the following titles can British women use to avoid confirming whether they're married or not?

Which of the following is NOT a traditional English dish?

The hit musical Six tells the tale of which historical King of England?

Which of the following is currently the UK's largest denomination of Christianity?

At what time does the UK observe a minute's silence on Remembrance Day?

Which British singer often appeared as his flamboyant alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust?


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united kingdom culture quiz
Did you enjoy all our British trivia?

So, how’d you fare with our British culture questions – easy peasy or a bit too bloody tricky? Whether you’re chuffed with your score or wishing you’d known more, we hope you had fun giving it a go!

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