20 BEST Colour Quiz Questions

Feeling a bit blue and need a splash of colour in your day? It’s time to see how many colour quiz questions you can answer!

colour quiz questions
How many colour quiz questions will you get right?

Looking for the best colour trivia questions?

Colours are so much a part of our lives, but how much do you know about them? With these funny colour quiz questions you’ll soon find out!

From royal blues and lush greens, to bright yellows and fiery reds, colours enrich our days and brighten up our lives. Not just a medium of artists, people use colour every day, to express themselves through clothing and to create moods in their homes.

These general knowledge questions are purely about the colourful things in life. Those things that bring joy and vibrancy into our lives and leave us feeling happy as a result.

From the green, green grass of home, to gorgeous white sand beaches, to clear blue waters, colour is a huge part of most of our lives and helps us explain our surroundings to each other in a much more vivid way.

color trivia questions
These color trivia questions cover lots of topics

We use colours to describe the world around us. You might marvel at a brilliant blue sky or explore a dense green jungle. We even use colours figuratively to express our emotions, like saying we’re blue when we’re feeling sad.

These colour trivia questions will take you through a rainbow of topics, from pop culture references to the origins of dyes. There are even some quiz questions about the colours you’ll see on flags.

colour quiz questions
Do you think you’ll answer all of these colour quiz questions correctly?

If you’re not sure of the answer, try not to get red in the face… close your eyes, think of calm blue oceans, and then see how many questions you can answer correctly.

color trivia questions
From dyes to song lyrics, these color trivia questions will test your knowledge.

Colour Quiz Questions

According to The Beatles’ song released in 1966, we all live in a yellow what?

Some spices are used to give colour to dishes. Which colour is given to food by Saffron?

What term is given to the fear of colours?

Name the colour of flag flown on a ship when they are experiencing an outbreak of disease onboard.

Each year on March 17 you will find St Patrick’s Day celebrations all over the world. What colour is normally worn on St Patrick’s Day?

The flag of the United States of America is often referred to as The Stars and Stripes, or Old Glory. Which 3 colours are used in this flag?

The woad plant was used to produce which colour dye?

Approximately what proportion of people in the world have blue eyes?

Which colour is found on 75% of world flags?

In which country did the Orange Revolution take place?

Which of these colours is not in the rainbow?

In which country is the Yellow River the second largest river?

Red is often associated with anger. Which colour is associated with envy?

What is the meaning of a yellow card in soccer?

What colour Corvette did Prince sing about?

What colour haze was Jimi Hendrix in?

How long do you spend in the sin bin for a yellow card in Rugby Union

What colour are the iconic British phone boxes?

What is the capital of Greenland

In Mean Girls, what colour do they wear on Wednesdays?

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