20 BEST Dirty Dancing Quiz Questions and Answers

Young summer romance, unforgettable dance moves, and a killer soundtrack! Test your knowledge of the 80s classic with this Dirty Dancing quiz!

dirty dancing quiz questions and answers

Even if you weren’t growing up in the 80s, Dirty Dancing has stood the test of time to become one of the most iconic romantic movies ever made. 

Whether it was the chemistry between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, the Academy Award winning ballad “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life“, or that impressive lift at the end of the film, Dirty Dancing still makes audiences swoon today.

But how much do you really know about the runaway hit? Find out right now with our Dirty Dancing quiz!

questions about dirty dancing
How much do you know about Dirty Dancing?

Looking for the best Dirty Dancing trivia questions?

Did you know that Swayze and Grey had a tumultuous time during the filming of Dirty Dancing? In fact, a lot of the scenes of their off-screen turmoil actually made it into the final cut of the film!

There were also problems during the production of the film due to weather, budget constraints, and a knee injury to Patrick Swayze.

But through all of that adversity, a film emerged that would go on to make over $214 million worldwide and break records for home video and soundtrack sales.

dirty dancing trivia questions
Let’s be honest, this is one of the best movies around, isn’t it?

A little movie with a $6 million dollar budget became one of the most loved films of the past 50 years, so it’s no wonder that a remake is in the works for 2024.

Are you ready for a good mix of easy, medium, and tough Dirty Dancing trivia questions? Let’s see how you do! 

dirty dancing multiple choice quiz
It’s time to dance into our questions about Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Quiz

In what year was Dirty Dancing released?

Dirty Dancing is set in what popular East Coast vacation destination?

What screenwriter wrote Dirty Dancing based on her childhood?

We all know her as Baby, but what was the full name of Jennifer Grey's character in Dirty Dancing?

How many weeks did the Dirty Dancing soundtrack spend at #1 on the Billboard 200?

What film did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey appear in together before Dirty Dancing?

What two singers performed The Academy Award winning song (I've Had) The Time of My Life?

If the title Dirty Dancing was deemed too risqué what was the backup title for the film?

What's the name of the 2004 prequel to Dirty Dancing called?

In a famous Dirty Dancing scene, what food does Baby carry into the resort staff party?

Dirty Dancing was the first film to sell how many home videos?

What actor, who was dating Jennifer Grey at the time, made a cameo in Dirty Dancing?

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone recreate the famous Baby lift in what film?

What's the title of the Patrick Swayze song included on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack?

What director of 50/50, Warm Bodies, and Snatched will direct the Dirty Dancing remake in 2024?

What quote from Dirty Dancing is ranked the 98th greatest movie quote of all-time by AFI?

In what TV series that ran from 2011-2018 does the main character watch Dirty Dancing after every break-up?

What actor who went on to star in Seinfeld and Jurassic Park played Stan the social director in Dirty Dancing?

Why couldn't the famous lake scene in Dirty Dancing be filmed close-up?

The song (I've Had) The Time of My Life is the third most popular song played at what event?


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This is now a massive stage production too!

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