Ultimate Fortnite Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you play Fortnite? Then take our ultimate Fortnite quiz to truly test your knowledge on the biggest battle royale game of all time!

Fortnite trivia questions
These Fortnite quiz questions will definitely test your gaming knowledge

Since Fortnite burst onto the gaming scene, the battle royale has shown growth rates like no other game before it. With more and more loyal fans every day, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t know what Fortnite is!

The main reason Fortnite is so successful is because of the epic, addictive gameplay. From collecting rare skins to building for protection or a vantage point, there are so many things to keep yourself challenged.

Fortnite quiz questions and answers
How well do you know your Fortnite trivia?

Whether you are a champion, a casual player or even a newbie, this ultimate Fortnite quiz will delve into Fortnite trivia of all levels. For example, could you say when Fortnite was first released, describe how to catch fish, or even explain what the boogie bomb does?

Fortnite quiz questions and answers
There are some challenging questions coming up in our Fortnite quiz

Being the last man standing in Fortnite is a feeling only epic champions understand – If you know, you know. So, parachute yourself into question one and be the last man standing in our ultimate Fortnite quiz!

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Fortnite trivia questions
Best of luck – you’ll need it to get 15/15 in these Fortnite trivia questions

Fortnite Quiz Questions

How much does it cost to play Fortnite?

Which gamer made his fame by playing Fortnite?

In Season 4, what happened to Dusty Depot?

Which limited time mode allows players to practice and interact with friends, without fear of death?

What do llamas do in Fortnite?

What does the color-coding system tell us?

What game did Fortnite replace as the biggest battle royale game?

What was the tier 100 battle pass skin from Season 2?

Which of these artists has not played a concert in Fortnite?

Which of these has been featured as a weapon?

In Season 6, what happens on the island when the zero point is sealed?

When big changes are headed for Fortnite, what mysterious group shows up?

How many seasons were in the first chapter of Fortnite?

How do you catch fish?

What does the boogie bomb do?


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We hope you enjoyed playing our ultimate Fortnite quiz! It’s made us want to grab a boogie bomb and get a sweet victory royale!

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these Fortnite questions and see if they can beat your Fortnite trivia skills!

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