20 BEST Mario Quiz Questions and Answers

How well do you think you know the world of Mario? It’s time to put yourself to the test with the ultimate Mario quiz questions and answers!

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Looking for the best Mario trivia questions?

When Nintendo created Mario in 1983, they struck a gold mine. From the moment Mario hit our screens, everyone fell in love with this cheeky plumber with a giant ‘tache.

Mario went on to become the face of Nintendo and has since appeared in over 200 different video games. Also, here’s a fun fact for you. The Mario franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time. We told you everyone loves Mario!

We really want to find out how much you know about Mario though. Do you know his friends, his enemies, or what consoles he’s appeared on?

How about the Mario movie? Do you know all the words to the Peaches’ song? How well do you know the cast of the movie itself? It’s all a part of the huge Mario universe, so you know that it’s going to be included in this amazing quiz!

super mario quiz
How much do you know about Super Mario?

This Mario quiz features questions that span across decades, from where our friendly plumber is supposedly from, to how many different Yoshi colors there are and who has the highest speed in ‘Mario Kart Wii’.

With such huge success over so many years, there is so much in the world of Mario to explore. There’s more information surrounding the Mario franchise than there is in a college degree!

Are you feeling brushed up on Nintendo’s favorite plumber and all his friends and enemies? Well then, it’s time to take our Super Mario quiz and see how you do. Try not to slip on a banana peel!

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super mario trivia
Let’s hope you can beat Bowser in our quiz!

Mario Quiz Questions

Which country is Mario supposedly from?

In what game did Mario make his first appearance?

Which of these roles has Mario NOT appeared as in a game?

What is the best-selling Mario game ever?

What was Princess Peach’s original name?

In ‘Mario Kart Wii’, which character has the highest speed stat?

What color is Toadette’s hat?

How many different Yoshi colors are there in ‘Super Mario Sunshine’?

What color is Birdo’s bow?

What ‘Mario Kart’ game introduced the track ‘Coconut Mall’?

Bowser is known as King of the what?

What does the lightning bolt power-up do in ‘Mario Kart’?

Who are the native inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom?

In which sport has Mario not competed in a video game?

What island does Mario need to save in ‘Super Mario Sunshine’?

Which common enemy grows out of pipes and tries to eat Mario?

Who is consider Mario's biggest enemy?

What does a banana skin do in Mario Kart?

Which character has the real name Jimmy Poppadopolos?

Who voices Mario in the 2023 film?

What color does Waluigi predominately wear?

In which Japanese city would you find Super Nintendo World?

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We hope you enjoyed playing our Mario quiz! If you’re like us, you are officially in the mood to dust off the Nintendo 64 or the Gamecube and relive your childhood memories.

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these Mario questions and see if they can beat your Mario trivia skills!

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