Ultimate Halloween Music Quiz Questions and Answers

If you’re working on a petrifying playlist ready for October, take a peek at our Halloween music quiz and let the spookiest songs inspire you!

halloween music quiz questions and answers
These Halloween music quiz questions and answers are a lot of fun!

Halloween is one of the quirkiest holidays of the calendar year. With the season quickly approaching, we’ve trawled back through time for the best Halloween hits ever made. Brush up on the songs with a flair for scares in our Halloween music quiz – it’s truly spooktacular!

Don’t expect plain sailing on every question though. We’ve mixed a few tricks in amongst the treats to really challenge you! With sinister singles from the planet’s biggest pop stars and musicals from the masters of theatre, there’s plenty to puzzle over!

halloween music quiz
Our Halloween music quiz will test how well you know the spookiest hits

Can you recall who moonwalked their way to superstardom with the hit song ‘Thriller’ ? Are the lyrics to ‘The Monster Mash’ still engrained in your brains from childhood, as they are ours?

Do you know who was the brains behind The Phantom of the Opera and its rise to fame? How about the musical that’ll have you singing along to the likes of ‘Science Fiction/Double Feature‘ and ‘Over at the Frankenstein Place’?

halloween music quiz
This Halloween music quiz could be a trick or a treat!

We’ll have all of the above and plenty more in our collection of Halloween music trivia questions! Have fun, try your best, and show us how well you remember the season’s most hair-raising hits!

If our Halloween music quiz has you thirsty for more on the season of scares, check out our October trivia questions and our ultimate quiz questions about Halloween.

halloween quiz questions
Have fun playing our scary music quiz!

Halloween Music Quiz Questions

'Bark At The Moon', written about transforming into a werewolf, was a hit song by which musician?

According to the show's theme song, which family were 'creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky'?

Which Irish band became famous for their hit song, 'Zombie'?

'Thriller' was a Halloween hit penned by which iconic musician?

Fill in the blanks: "He did the mash / He did the ___ mash / The ____ mash / It was a ___ smash"

Which band wrote the hit, 'Heads Will Roll'?

Which film soundtrack features the song, 'This Is Halloween'?

David Bowie played the Goblin King in Labyrinth, but which of his songs accompanied him into the movie?

"Who Ya Gonna Call?" was the theme track to which supernatural Hollywood blockbuster?

Who wrote the 'The Phantom of the Opera'?

Which Halloween song is famous for the line, "ooh, ee, ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang?"

Which female artist released the song 'Disturbia', a decidedly darker song than those she's best known for?

Theres a band from North America called " ___ Pumpkins". What is their name?

Pick the next line from Shakira's supernatural hit "There's a She Wolf in the Closet..."

In which musical would you find the songs, ‘Over at the Frankenstein Place’, ‘Super Heroes’ and ‘Science Fiction/Double Feature’?


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