20 BEST Moana Quiz Questions and Answers

From the stunning shores of Polynesia comes a Disney hero we love to root for! Are you a Moana mastermind? Take this Moana quiz to find out!

moana quiz questions and answers

Welcome to Ancient Polynesia and the breathtaking ocean paradise, home to the intrepid adventurer Moana!

Highlighting Polynesian culture, Moana is unique in the Disney canon, as it’s the first to feature this gorgeous and colorful setting since 2002’s Lilo and Stitch

It also relies on the rich mythology of the Polynesian region offering a unique perspective not seen in a Disney film before.

In fact, the Moana production team spent several months in Polynesia to research and get every little detail just right. Representing this unique part of the world, it was so important to the whole team that they reflected the culture accurately.

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How much do you know about the Disney movie Moana?

Looking for the best Moana trivia questions?

With that said,  the hallmarks of classic Disney storytelling are still at play in Moana. There’s a dim-witted stowaway, a loveable and tortured mentor, and of course, a rich and rewarding ending – Moana is made up of all the stuff we love about Disney!

And did you know that before Hamilton or Encanto, Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of the main songwriters for Moana? He even wrote the song Shiny as a tribute to Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

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Moana is such a legendary female lead character

How do you feel you’ll fare with these Moana trivia questions? If you’re feeling a little trepidatious, don’t worry, we’ve added some easy ones in there too!

We think it’s time to set sail for the islands and dive deep into some of the best Moana trivia questions! Here we go!

moana trivia questions
It’s time to dive into our questions about Moana!

Moana Quiz

Who voiced the character of Maui the shapeshifting demigod?

What's the name of Moana's dim-witted pet rooster?

Who are the legendary directors of Moana who also directed The Little Mermaid and Aladdin?

What word does Moana translate to in many Polynesian languages?

What was different about the character of Moana during the early stages of the film's development?

What's the name of Maui's tattoo that acts as his best friend and conscience?

Moana was Walt Disney Studios ____ animated film.

To celebrate the release of Moana which airline painted their planes with Moana characters?

What 14-year old Hawaiian actress was selected to voice Moana?

What famous New Zealander wrote one of the first drafts of Moana?

What Disney sea creature makes a cameo during the 2D-world scene in Moana?

What's the name of the villainous coconut crab in Moana?

What year was Moana released in theaters?

What's the name of Moana and her family's home island?

Which Moana song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song?

What other film did Walt Disney Animation Studios release in the same year as Moana?

What was the title Moana changed to in Italy to avoid confusion with an Italian celebrity?

Moana was the first feature-length film to be dubbed in what language?

What Walt Disney Animation Studios short film premiered before screenings of Moana?

When are the events of Moana set?


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Everyone loves the chicken in Moana!

We hope you enjoyed our Moana quiz! Did you remember the chicken was called HeiHei in the film? What about the fact Auliʻi Cravalho was only 14 when she was cast as Moana – that’s so young!

If you liked this one why not try our Ultimate Disney Picture quiz or Mary Poppins quiz? Challenge your friends and family by sharing these Moana trivia questions and see how well they can do!

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