20 BEST Mary Poppins Quiz Questions and Answers

From the Penguin Dance to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, come test your knowledge of the classic songs and Disney magic with this Mary Poppins quiz.

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When the children of Mr. Banks run off on their nanny again, she up and quits. Now Mr. Banks must find someone new to look after his troublesome children. 

Never fear, here comes Mary Poppins, a new nanny, floating down to earth by a magical umbrella to whip the family back into shape and bring them closer together. It’s a magical story that has captured the hearts of millions over the years.

Mary Poppins is a classic Disney film and is viewed as one of Walt Disney’s greatest achievements. It was the only Disney film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture while Walt Disney was alive, something he was incredibly proud of.

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How much do you know about Mary Poppins?

Looking for the best Mary Poppins trivia questions?

Of course, with all classic cinema there is a treasure trove of Mary Poppins trivia questions, from the legendary songs, the perfect casting choices, and the disgruntled author of the Mary Poppins books who didn’t like the film!

Did you know that Mary Poppins was so successful that the profits from the film helped build other Disney theme parks?

It also launched the career of Julie Andrews, who had only acted in the theater before being cast as the young nanny.

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Mary Poppins launched the career of Julie Andrews

Interestingly, Andrews only accepted the role of Mary Poppins after she was overlooked for the lead role in My Fair Lady.

Mary Poppins is also a landmark movie due to the innovative visual effects technique called ‘sodium vapor’. This technique allowed Dick Van Dyke to dance with the animated penguins in one of Mary Poppins’ most hilarious scenes.

Overall, the greatest thing about Mary Poppins is that it’s fun! The dancing, the songs, the absurdity of the situations Mary and the children find themselves in, has the whole family laughing and singing along.

What do you say, are you ready to try this Mary Poppins quiz? It’s time to see how much you remember about the film!

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Mary Poppins was recently remade with Emily Blunt as the lead

Mary Poppins Quiz

In what year was Mary Poppins released?

Mary Poppins is based on a book series by what female author?

In Mary Poppins, what toy do the Banks children want their father to help them repair?

What's the name of Mary's old friend who dances with the penguins?

Mary Poppins was filmed in California, but what city is the movie set in?

30 Mary Poppins descended from the sky during the opening ceremonies of what sporting event?

What's the name of the 2013 film about the making of Mary Poppins?

What are the first names of the Banks children in Mary Poppins?

What famous duo wrote all the music and lyrics for Mary Poppins?

The Simpsons parodied Mary Poppins in a 1997 episode with a nanny named what?

How many Academy Award nominations did Mary Poppins receive?

Walt Disney used the profits from Mary Poppins to finance the construction of what theme park?

Who plays Mary Poppins in the 2018 revival Mary Poppins Returns?

Who was the director of Mary Poppins?

What song from Mary Poppins won the Academy Award for Best Original Song?

What song from Mary Poppins was Walt Disney's all-time favourite tune?

Mary Poppins was the first Disney film made available on DVD in what year?

The song A Spoonful of Sugar was inspired by the medicine-laced sugar cube treatment for what ailment?

Julie Andrews became Mary Poppins after losing the lead role in My Fair Lady to what actress?

Known as one of the worst in film history, what accent was Dick Van Dyke attempting in Mary Poppins?


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We hope you enjoyed our Mary Poppins trivia questions! Did you remember all the little quirks? It’s hard to believe the film was released in 1964, nearly 60 years ago now!

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