Ultimate Olympics Quiz Questions And Answers

From famous athletes to host cities, these Olympics trivia questions will test even the most committed Olympics fans!

olympics quiz questions and answers
How will you fare with these Olympics quiz questions and answers?

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you know where the 2016 Olympic Games were held? Which team came first in the 1936 relay race? Or who has won gold the most times in Olympic history?

These Olympics quiz questions and answers will challenge your knowledge and separate the gold medal winners from the stragglers at the back! If you’ve already aced our Tokyo 2020 Olympic quiz, then you’re going to love this one too!

olympics trivia questions
These Olympics trivia questions are seriously challenging

Our Olympics trivia will test if you have what it takes! You may know where the 2021 Olympics are being held, but do you know where the first Olympic Games were hosted, which sports are officially recognised in the games or the metal content of the coveted Olympic gold medal? Will you make it to the podium or will you fall at the first hurdle?

If you’ve already aced our tennis quiz, golf quiz, and enjoyed our funny sports quiz questions, then you’re definitely ready for our Olympic quiz!

These questions will ask you about host cities, the history of the games and about famous Olympic sporting achievements. While some are well-known facts, some are a little bit more obscure.

olympics quiz questions and answers
Best of luck with these Olympic quiz questions

There are 15 Olympics trivia questions in total and you have a choice of 4 answers for each. Make sure to choose wisely as only one answer is correct, so get ready, set, go!

olympics quiz questions
Ready, get set… go!

Olympics Quiz Questions

The USA won the most gold medals at the 1996 Olympic games, but in which city were they held?

The record for the most medals won by an Olympic athlete is 28. Who holds that record?

The Olympic Flame is lit in which ancient Greek city?

The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, 1500 years after being banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I. In which city were the modern games held?

Which one of the following new sports will be included in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games?

Jamaica entered the 1988 Winter Olympic Games for the first time competing in which sport?

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics were the first to what?

London 2012 was the last time the city held the Olympic Games, but how many times has London hosted the games?

The Olympic gold medal must be made from what?

Which country always comes first in the parade of nations during each Olympic opening ceremony?

The Summer and Winter Olympics used to be held in the same year. When did this last occur?

The International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 by Pierre de Coubertin, but where is it based?

Which country has won the most medals at the Olympics since the first Olympic Games in 1986?

Which Olympic Games were the first in the world to be televised?

Jesse Owens became the star of the 1936 Olympics, but how many medals did he win?

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