Ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Quiz

From medal winners to stadium names, it’s time to challenge your sporting knowledge with the ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games quiz.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Quiz Questions and Answers
These Tokyo 2020 Olympic quiz questions and answers will test your sporting knowledge

On your marks, get set, go! The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games might be a year late, but there’s no doubt they’re going to provide double the excitement!

If you’re a sports fan, you must be gearing up for a busy few weeks of action as you soak up every moment broadcast live from Tokyo. But how much do you really know about this year’s games? Surely all of that time spent in lockdown has helped you revise.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Quiz
Tokyo is an amazing host city for the Olympics

Do you know the names of the stadiums and the sporting events that will take place in each one? Have you studied the names of athletes attending or read up on the sports that will be added for the first time? This Tokyo 2020 quiz will test all of this and more.

What about the infrastructure around the games? How much do you know about the construction of the stadiums or what makes the medals unique? There’s lots of interesting Tokyo 2020 trivia coming up!

How many Olympic medals will you win in this Tokyo 2020 Olympic quiz?
How many Olympic medals will you win in this Tokyo 2020 Olympic quiz?

These Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games quiz questions will use all of your sports knowledge! So if you’ve already scored top marks in our general knowledge Olympic Games quiz, it’s time to see how much you know about Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Quiz
Time to test your Tokyo 2020 Olympic trivia! Good luck!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Quiz

How many times has Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympic Games?

In which year did Tokyo first host the Summer Olympic Games?

Which of these events will be hosted at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo?

What is the official motto of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

Which of these is NOT a new Olympic sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

What is unique about the medals created for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

How many gold medals will be presented to athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo?

The Kokugikan Arena is where the Olympic boxing will take place, but what is the arena usually used for?

What has Tokyo promised to do during the Olympic Games?

How many sports are taking place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games mascot is called Miraitowa, but what does the name mean?

11-year-old Hend Zaza from Syria is the youngest competitor in the 2020 Summer Olympics, but in what sport is he competing?

Which gymnast, who won five medals at Rio 2016 (including four gold) is one of the headliners at the Tokyo games?

How many athletes are expected to compete at Tokyo 2020?

Where will the next Olympic Games be held in 2024?

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How did you get on with these Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games quiz questions? Did you get enough for a gold medal or do you need to get back into training?

If you had fun playing this quiz, how about adding to the drama and challenging your friends? You’ll soon find out who is worthy of being on the podium this year!

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