20 BEST Quran Quiz Questions and Answers

From Allah’s 99 names to the teachings of Islam’s most holy text, our Quran quiz is the perfect test of wits for any scholar of scripture!

quran quiz questions and answers

Looking for the best Quran trivia questions?

The Holy Quran is the most sacred text in Islamic faith, with 1.8 billion practicing Muslims following its tenets worldwide. However, do you know enough about the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings to tackle today’s Quran quiz?

Whether you follow a religion or not, we’ve made sure there’s something here for you. Expect questions on tricky terminology, Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, and more.

If you’re not well-versed on Islam, here’s the perfect chance to learn a thing or two! We could all stand to learn more about the world, cultures and faiths around us after all!

Why not gather up your friends and family and make this quiz into a bit of a friendly competition? You can find out who knows the most and all learn a little something in the meantime. It’s a win-win!

quran trivia questions
How much do you know about the Quran?

Looking for questions about the Quran?

Did you know that Allah is known by 99 different names? Can you name the festival that celebrates Allah introducing the Quran to Muhammad, or how old the prophet was at the time?

Have you heard the terms ‘Surah’ and ‘Ayat’ before, and do you have any idea what they mean? Do you know how many Surahs the Quran contains, or what name refers to those who memorize the holy book?

We’ll be covering all of the above and more in today’s quiz, so be prepared for some tricky trivia! Whether you’re testing your knowledge or simply have some Quran questions, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the challenge ahead!

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hard quran questions
This quiz is all about the Quran. Who’s ready!?

Quran Quiz Questions

A 'Surah' is the Quran's equivalent of what?

Which of the following names is the Quran also referred to by?

Which Islamic festival celebrates the night that God first revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad?

Which of the following prophets DOES NOT have a Surah named after them?

How old was the Prophet when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to him?

Which of the following is the longest Surah found in the Quran?

How many Ayat (verses) does the Quran contain in total?

How many different names is Allah known by?

Which of the Quran's Surahs is the only one not to begin with 'Bismillah'?

Which of the following is the only month the Quran references by name?

How many Surahs does the Quran contain in total?

One of Allah's 99 names is 'The Giver of Life', which translates to which of the following in Arabic?

What is the term Muslims use for those who've completely memorized the Quran?

How many of the Quran's Surahs are named after animals?

Who was the only companion of Muhammad to be named in the Quran?

In which language was the Quran revealed?

Which Surah of the Quran is recited in every unit of the Muslim prayer?

How many times should a Muslim perform the ritual ablution (wudu) before handling the Quran?

What is the name for the period of fasting during Ramadan?

What is the name of the Islamic holy book that contains the Quran?


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questions about the quran
So how did you get on?

We hope everybody enjoyed today’s quiz, and we hope we helped answer any questions about the Quran you had!

We included a few headscratchers too, so believers needn’t feel too bad if a question or two left you puzzled. Hopefully you’ve learned something new too – that’s the idea anyway!

If you fancy seeing how you fare with our other quizzes, take a look through the general knowledge section. There’s plenty to choose from, so take your pick!

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