20 BEST River Quiz Questions and Answers

From the widest river to the tallest waterfall, we’ve got all the best river quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge of the world’s waterways.

river quiz questions and answers

Rivers are often referred to as the cradle of civilization, but how much do you really know about the nature’s most important waterways?

From the fertile crescent to the largest cities in the world, rivers have been an integral part in the evolution and advancement of humankind. We depend on rivers for drinking water, transportation and electricity.

Not to mention we also have an awesome time playing on rivers! Swimming, tubing, boating, skiing and whitewater rafting are just some of the activities that rivers are perfect for.

Looking for the best river trivia questions?

rivier trivia questions and answers
How much do you really know about rivers?

These river quiz questions and answers will take us around the globe to a river that’s over 400 million years old, to the most dangerous rapids in the world, and to a river that flows in outer space!

When you think about rivers, which ones come to mind first? The impressive Nile that the Egyptian civilization was built upon? Or the mighty Mississippi, America’s most famous waterway? Or the granddaddy of all rivers, the impressive Amazon?

river multiple choice quiz
Rivers are the lifeblood of human civilization

Well, we have river trivia about all three, plus many more tricker questions that are just as impressive but less well-known.

So what do you say? Is it time to get this journey down the river started? We’ll start off pretty easy, but as these river quiz questions continue, you may be left up the creek without a paddle.

questions about rivers
It’s time to put your river knowledge to the test

River Quiz Questions

What river is the widest in the world?

New York City sits on the bank of what river?

The Three Gorges Dam in China spans what river?

95% of what country's population lives along the Nile River?

What is the longest river in North America?

What Indian river is known as 'Mother' to millions of Hindus?

What river runs through Paris?

What European river runs through Budapest, Vienna and Belgrade?

A river of liquid methane flows on Titan, a moon of what planet?

What is the longest river in Europe?

The most dangerous rapids in the world, the Inga rapids, are located on what river?

What is the world's tallest waterfall?

The Grand Canyon was formed by the powerful flow of what river?

What river provides 80% of the protein consumed by Cambodia?

The Finke River, the oldest in the world, is located on what continent?

What African river do many people believe is protected by water spirits called Nyami-Nyami?

Underground rivers connected to the River Thames and River Lea flow beneath what city?

What river divides Europe from Asia?

Known as the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia was situated between what two rivers?

What river did the US reverse the flow of in 1900?


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what is the worlds longest river
So how did you do? Get more than 50%?

We hope you enjoyed these multiple choice questions about rivers! Did you learn something new about the world’s most impressive waterways? If you liked this one why not try our Ocean quiz or Nature quiz?

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