20 BEST Thailand Quiz Questions and Answers

Ready to challenge yourself with our Thailand quiz? From geography, history and famous landmarks, these Thailand trivia questions will put you to the test!

thailand quiz questions and answers

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and there a millions reasons why! 

First, of course is the delicious food. Did you know that Thailand is called “The Street Food Capital of the World”?

From pad thai, to green curry, to tom yam soup and mango sticky rice, a trip to Thailand will never leave you hungry. It’s one of the reasons we keep on going back to Thailand, just to eat the food!

Thailand is also known for picturesque beaches, unique architecture, and the hospitality of the Thai people. You will never be short on smiles in Thailand. You’ll quickly realise this in our Thailand quiz!

thailand trivia questions
How much do you know about Thailand?

Looking for the best Thailand trivia questions?

With this quiz about Thailand we’ll test your knowledge of Thai geography, commerce, exports, culture and history. Do you think you’re up for the task?

We also have some Thailand trivia questions that will be sure to surprise you – like what is the national aquatic animal of Thailand? And what does Thailand export more than any other country?

We’ll travel to every corner of Thailand from the forested north to the islands in the south. We have questions about the longest river, largest island, and highest point – so we hope you have a good grasp of Thai geography!

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Thailand is such a beautiful place to visit

If you’ve visited Thailand many times or have never been, we’re sure after finishing this Thailand quiz you’ll want to book the next flight to experience it for yourself! 

Okay, it’s time to dive right in and get started on these Thailand questions. Let’s go!

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Good luck everyone!

Thailand Quiz

What is the capital city of Thailand?

Thailand was known by what other name until 1932?

What is the population of Thailand (2022)?

What is the official currency of Thailand?

What mountain peak is the highest point in Thailand?

What is the name of the major river Thailand shares with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China?

Thailand shares its longest land border with what country?

What animal is the national symbol of Thailand?

Coined by the CIA, what name refers to where the borders of China, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet?

Popular resort islands of Phuket, Krabi and Ranong are located in what sea?

95% of Thai people observe what religion?

What Thai kingdom is responsible for the most iconic Thai architecture including War Arun?

What is the largest island in Thailand?

Thailand is the leading exporter of what kind of rice?

What is the largest city in Northern Thailand?

What is the largest stadium in Thailand and home to the Thailand National Football Team?

What major Thai river runs directly through Bangkok?

What three colours make up the national flag of Thailand?

What sea creature is the official national aquatic animal of Thailand?

In Thailand, pointing at something with what body part is considered rude?


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