Ultimate Weather Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you ready for a lightning round? Find a spot in the sun or shelter yourself from the rain and test your knowledge with these weather quiz questions!

weather quiz questions and answers

The weather dictates so much of our everyday lives from the clothes we wear to the vacations we take. The question is, how much do you actually know about this mysterious phenomenon that brings us rain, wind, snow, hail and sunshine? It’s time to bring the thunder with these high pressure weather quiz questions.

Do you have a knack for predicting the weather based on an ominous looking cloud? Do you dress in layers knowing the chilly morning will turn into steamy afternoon heat? Then maybe you consider yourself an armchair meteorologist who can predict the weather more accurately than the local weatherman.

Whatever your interest in the weather and its many fascinating elements, batten down the hatches and get your thermometer conversion thinking cap on, because these answers are not just written on the wind.

weather trivia questions
It’s time to put your weather knowledge to the test

Let these weather questions take you around the world, from the heights of the atmosphere to the swirling beginnings of a tropical storm. From the coldest place on Earth to California’s Mojave Desert, there are some great weather questions here.

Do you have what it takes to call yourself Jupiter, king of all the gods, who rules the sky controlling thunderstorms, lightning, weather and air?

Or will your weather knowledge fizzle out like a tropical depression? Complete this set of weather trivia questions to find out!

questions about weather
Who knows, maybe you’ll win a pot of gold!

Weather Quiz Questions

What measurement scale is used to determine wind speed?

What country is home to Oymyakon, the coldest place in the northern hemisphere?

The strong winds caused by high pressure over the Mohave Desert in California are called what?

At what wind speed does a tropical storm become a hurricane?

What temperature is the same on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales?

What is the layer of air that surrounds the Earth called?

_______________ is water released from clouds in the form of rain, sleet, snow, or hail?

A tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans is commonly called what?

What type of weather system leads to calm, settled weather with light winds?

What does a barometer measure?

What field of science focuses on recording and analyzing weather patterns and understanding the atmospheric conditions that cause them?

What type of cloud, also called a thunderhead, produces rain, thunder, and lightning?

What natural disaster originating in the ocean is caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other explosions?

What is a fear of snow called?

The Enhanced Fujita scale is used to measure the severity of what natural disaster?

How did you acclimate to these difficult weather questions? Is it time to take your spot in the sun or did they rain on your parade?

Turn up the heat on your family and friends by challenging them to this stormy set of weather quiz questions!

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