Ultimate BTS Quiz Questions and Answers

From song names to facts and figures, test how much of an ARMY member you are with these challenging and fun BTS quiz questions!

These BTS quiz questions and answers are ideal for super fans!
These BTS quiz questions and answers are ideal for super fans!

Hands up if you’re a massive BTS fan!

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is arguably the most popular and most successful South Korean K-pop band of all time. Formed almost ten years ago, the original members of BTS were just a group of boys dreaming of international stardom.

BTS trivia quiz
These BTS trivia quiz questions cover songs, band members and more

Fast forward to now, the group consisting of RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin and J-Hope have amassed a huge fanbase all over the world. It felt only right that we come up with some fun BTS quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge of the BTS members.

If you’ve already played our K-Pop quiz, you’ll love these BTS quiz questions! They’ll determine whether you really know this supergroup’s history, their albums and facts and figures about their success.

BTS trivia quiz
Will you get full marks in this BTS trivia quiz?

Unlike other BTS trivia questions, these BTS quiz questions and answers take a deeper look into their lives, making it ideal for ARMY fans. If you love BTS, then you won’t need to use Blood, Sweat & Tears to answer these Dynamite BTS trivia questions!

Best of luck, it’s time for the ultimate BTS quiz!

BTS quiz questions
There are 15 BTS quiz questions coming up

Ultimate BTS Quiz Questions and Answers

What was BTS called before 2017?

Who was the first member of BTS?

Which of the following artists had BTS not collaborated with yet?

Which BTS member has the solo song “Lie” on the album “Wings”?

How many rappers and vocalists are in the pop group?

How many members did BTS originally have?

What record label is BTS signed to?

Which member of BTS is called “the golden maknae”?

Before joining the pop group, which BTS member went by the name Gloss?

Which BTS song broke YouTube’s record for the most-viewed music video premiere?

What language is Map of the Soul: 7 sung in?

What is the BTS fandom called?

Which song is not on BTS’ second album, Youth?

On which of the following awards shows did the band make their US TV debut?

Which of the following options is not one of BTS’ variety shows?


Share your results with a friend or family member to see who knows more about this K-pop group. When you’re done, you can either retake it for a better score or post it for the rest of the BTS community to see.

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