20 BEST Kpop Quiz Questions and Answers

Looking for the best Kpop quiz questions and answers? From BTS to Blackpink to Seventeen, it’s time to test your Kpop trivia now!

Kpop quiz questions and answers

Do you love Kpop as much as we do? Then come and take on our Kpop quiz – this one is for only true Kpop fans!

Originating in South Korea, Kpop is a type of mainstream music that has become a global phenomenon in the last few years.

Although the genre was somewhat unheard of before the rise of BTS and BLACKPINK, Kpop can actually be traced all the way back to the 90s.

How well do you know your Kpop groups?
How well do you know your K-pop groups?

Stars like PSY and HyunA thrive on the Kpop scene, but most of the Kpop craze surrounds the groups.

From an early age, Korean teens train in several fields, all to hopefully one day become a Kpop idol and achieve international success! And when you see the success of BTS, it’s easy to understand why – they’re not the biggest band in the world for nothing!

If you love Monsta X you'll do well in our Kpop quiz
If you love Monsta X you’ll do well in our Kpop questions

Get ready for some fun Kpop trivia!

So are you a true Kpop fan? The only way to find out is to answer these Kpop questions and answers.

If you’ve played our BTS quiz, you’ll be ready for this one! These Next Level Kpop trivia questions will test your knowledge of the bands and their music, as well as personal details about the stars and some fun facts.

Are Loona your fave Kpop group? These Kpop quiz questions will find out
Are Loona your fave Kpop group? This fun quiz about Kpop will put that to the test!

If you’re ready to challenge yourself with these Kpop quiz questions and answers, then Don’t Fight the Feeling!

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kpop questions
Right, let’s dive into the world of Kpop!

20 Awesome Kpop Quiz Questions

Approximately how many K-pop groups are there in South Korea?

Which K-pop group members include Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan and Han?

Which group’s songs include PTT, Why Not, Butterfly and Star?

Which K-pop artist was the first to reach 1 billion views on YouTube?

What color did the BTS members dye their hair when their album “Love Yourself: Tear” was released?

Which successful K-Pop group has the most members as of 2021?

Which member of F(x) is Chinese?

Which girl group’s lead singer was featured in Got7’s “Girls Girls Girls” music video?

What is the name of the K-pop star who was in Wonder Girls and 4Minute?

Which K-pop band was the first to perform at Coachella?

How many subgroups does Exo consist of?

Which K-pop group was the first to have a number one album on the Billboard 200?

Which of Stray Kids’ members are from Australia?

Who was the last member to join Red Velvet?

Which former K-pop boy band has a pair of twins who starred in commercials as children?

Who was the first group to achieve a ‘Rookie Grand Slam’?

Who was the first ever Kpop group?

Which group is often referred to as ‘The Kings of K-Pop’?

Which BTS member has the most viewed fancam of all time on YouTube?

What is BLACKPINK’s most viewed music video on YouTube?


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So, how did you get on?

Did you ace our quiz, or did you forget your lines? Don’t worry, some of these Kpop questions were tricky! Only the best Kpop fans get 100%.

Don’t forget to share these Kpop trivia questions and answers with your friends and see how they do! Get competitive and see who is the K-pop king or queen!

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