Ultimate Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers

From CPUs and GPUs to fonts and file extensions, we’ve got a few computer general knowledge questions and answers to test our tech experts!

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It’s hard to imagine a world without the PCs, laptops and smartphones we’ve grown to love. Are you savvy enough about smart technology to tackle to take on today’s computer general knowledge questions and answers?

Expect questions on the history of modern technology and tricky technical brainteasers on what makes our PCs work. We’ve included questions for quizzers of all proficiencies, so don’t worry if you’re new to computers – maybe you’ll learn a fun fact or two!

Do you know when the world’s first computer was invented and which part of a PC serves as its brain? How about which company introduced us to Windows OS, or which piece of software helps us browse the internet?

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How much do you know about computers?

Do you know what an SSD is and what they’re used for, or what C++ and Python are examples of? Could you tell us how many bytes make up a gigabyte, or what the ‘www.‘ at the beginning of a web address stands for?

You’ll find all of the above and more among today’s computer GK questions, so we’ll be expecting our web wizards to impress!

Read on and show us how much you really know about the marvels of modern technology!

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It’s time to put your computer gk trivia to the test

Computer General Knowledge Questions

The 'brain' of a computer is better known by which of the following acronyms?

Who is credited for inventing the world's first computer in 1822?

Approximately how many bytes make up 1 gigabyte?

What does the term 'SSD' stand for?

The 'www.' found at the beginning of every web address stands for which of the following?

What is the term for a piece of software that allows us to browse the internet?

C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, and Python are examples of what?

What is the name of the arrow symbol used to navigate on a computer screen?

World Computer Literacy Day falls on what date?

What are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .png, and .jpg examples of?

Which of the following companies invented the Windows Operating System?

Which of these words means to turn a computer off and on again?

What are Times New Roman, Calibri and Arial examples of?

Which developer released their first antivirus product, VirusScan, in 1987?

What is the minimum number of computers needed to form a computer network?


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Did you ace it or was it all code to you?

So, did today’s computer GK questions put your tech know-how to the test? There was plenty of tricky trivia in there, so we’re fine with you writing off any low scores as a glitch!

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