Ultimate Dance Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you queen of the dance floor? Challenge yourself with our ultimate dance quiz and see if you can cha-cha slide your way to the very top!

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Dancing is one of the most fun ways to express ourselves. From samba to ballet, music never fails to get our bodies moving. If you’re always first on the floor, it’s time to test your dance trivia knowledge with our ultimate dance quiz.

Whether you are a fantastic dancer or you have two left feet, our dance quiz is designed to get everybody feeling the rhythm! Know your pirouette from your plié?

Your balloté from your balloné? Regardless of your actual dancing ability, our dance questions have been choreographed to perfection!

dance trivia questions
You’ll learn lots of dance trivia as you play

With the art of dance spanning back to the very beginning on mankind, it is no surprise that there is an entire world of dance trivia for us to explore.

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Keep scrolling to play our ultimate dance quiz and show us how fantastic you are! 5, 6, 7, 8…

dance trivia questions
Best of luck with these dance trivia questions and answers!

Dance Quiz Questions

Doris Day was a singer who only began dancing when what happened?

Bees communicate by smell, touch and what?

Mister Bojangles performed which type of dance?

In the Bolshoi ballet, what does Bolshoi mean?

What is the haka dance of the Maori people in New Zealand used for?

In which style do dancers keep their arms behind the back or to the side and do everything with the feet?

How many foot positions are typically there in ballet?

Which of the following is the traditional dance and music in Argentina?

The Waltz is a popular dance that originated in the late 17th century from which city?

Which of the following musical instruments is mostly associated with Scottish highland dancing?

The Polonaise and the Mazurka are traditional styles of dance in which European country?

The Charleston is a lively ballroom dance featured by swung heels and twisted knees. Where did the name “Charleston” come from?

Disco is a form of dance originating in the United States during which time?

Which style of dance is characterised by flaring arms and slow, smooth movements?

Originated from Trinidad and Tobago, Soca is a form of dance characterised by the swinging of which body part?


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We hope you enjoyed playing our dance quiz! Now it’s time to challenge your friends and family and find out who is truly king or queen of the dance floor!

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