25 Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers 

From moments in history and geographical landmarks, to blockbuster movies and music stars, test yourself with these free general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

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Ready for some free general knowledge quiz questions and answers?

How would you rate your general knowledge? Are you always on the winning team in a pub quiz, or do you often lag behind? These free general knowledge quiz questions and answers will reveal all.

Perhaps you’re a movie buff and have seen every big hit from the past 10 years. Or, you’re more of a book smart type, able to reel off endless facts about moments in history or geographical sites.

From geography to language these Spanish quiz questions are definitely varied
You’ll need to know about the world to score full marks in our free general knowledge quiz questions and answers!

Whatever your specialist subject, there are questions for you! Coming up are 25 free general knowledge quiz questions and answers. You can play along right now, or host your very own pop quiz for friends and family.

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There’s some fun movie trivia in this free general knowledge quiz!

Feeling brainy? Ready to test your knowledge? Let’s go!

25 Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions

At a length of 4,132 miles, what is the longest river in the world?

David Bowie released "Space Oddity" on the 11th July of which year?

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Which of the following was Australia's first national park?

When were fireworks first officially used in a celebration for 4th July?

When did Chicago first start dying their river green for St Paddy’s Day?

Who directed Fahrenheit 911?

In the process of cake baking which of the following is NOT a raising agent?

Which nation has won the most World Cups?

Kate Hudson's mum is also a famous actress, but who is she?

Who painted The Last Supper over a three-year period between 1495 to 1498?

The Pimms No.1 Cup is the official drink of which annual sporting championship?

Who painted the Water Lilies, a series of 250 paintings made over a period of 30 years?

The Great Barrier Reef is which one of the following?

What was the theme song for Rocky III, released in 1982?

In the solar system, which planet is known for its rings?

Spain’s most famous cheese manchego is made from the milk of what animal?

In which US city is War of the Worlds set?

Which funny fruit is known for being so pungent, it is actually banned on public transport in some countries?

Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon in 1969 followed by Buzz Aldrin, but what was the name of their third crewmate who remained in the Apollo 11 command module?

Who wrote the beautiful scores for hit European movies Amèlie and Goodbye Lenin?

Which of these is the name of a hurricane which struck at the end of August 2021?

What is the largest ocean in the world?

Which country hosted the delayed 2020 Olympics in 2021?

What is the name of the alien race in Avatar?


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