20 BEST Board Games Quiz Questions And Answers

From Monopoly and Chess to Trivial Pursuit and Connect Four, it’s time to test your knowledge with this fun board games quiz!

board games quiz questions
These board games quiz questions will test your knowledge

Looking for the best board game trivia questions?

Are you a big board games fan? We think there’s nothing better than a Sunday afternoon in the pub enjoying a big meal followed by a tactical game of Monopoly. Yes, it might get a bit heated at times, but it’s all good fun really!

But how well do you know your games? We’re about to find out with these board games quiz questions and answers! We’ll see if you know how many Trivial Pursuit wedges you need to win or the score for specific tiles in Scrabble.

It’s time to unleash your competitive spirit and use all that board game know-how on our amazing board game quiz. Why not gather up your friends and family and make a game of it?

Go super meta on your next game night with a quiz all about board games! It’ll soon sift out the experts from the casual players, that’s for sure!

board games quiz questions
From Chess to Scrabble, how will you do with these board game trivia questions?

Perhaps you’re a Chess whizz (if so, you definitely need to play our Chess Quiz), but how well do you really know the game? These board games quiz questions are full of fun questions and trivia.

If you’re feeling ready to test yourself you won’t need to start a timer or roll a dice. Simply scroll down and see if you’re the board games champion of your household!

board games quiz questions
It’s time for some fun board games quiz questions!

Board Games Quiz

How many wedges do you need to collect in Trivial Pursuit to win?

Professor Plum is a character in which board game?

What’s the highest title for a chess player?

What is the Latin for 'I play'?

How many die are thrown in a traditional game of Yatzy?

What colours are the pieces in Connect Four?

On a standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Vine Street?

What animal is used in Buckaroo?

How much is the letter X worth in Scrabble?

From which country does Mahjong originate?

How many chips does each player start with in a game of Backgammon?

In which fun game might you try to remove a rubber band from a leg with tweezers?

In Chess, what is the only piece that can’t move backwards?

A4 and H6 are commands you might say in which strategy game?

In which game do you use a wedge of cheese and a marble?

In the game Chess, how many squares are on the board?

In the game Risk, which continent is represented by the color yellow?

In the game Settlers of Catan, what resource is not represented by a physical card?

In the game Carcassonne, players take turns placing what on the board?

In the game Taboo, how many "taboo" words are listed on each card?

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