The Ultimate Animal Quizzes

Put your animal trivia to the test with these fun animal quizzes. From cats and dogs, to horses and pandas, these animal quiz questions will test your nature knowledge!

These animal quizzes will test your nature general knowledge
These animal quizzes will test your nature general knowledge

Do you love the company of cats? Did you grow up wanting to go on safari? Is your house more like a zoo than a home for people? If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to love playing these animal quizzes. 

We’ve collated our very best quizzes about animals so that you can test your knowledge of the natural world. Do you know all about different dog breeds, or how fast a horse can gallop? There are lots of entertaining and challenging animal quiz questions coming up.

Are you a fan of underwater life and know all about sharks, dolphins and species of fish? You’ll love our quiz about sea life

Perhaps you’ve been swotting up on facts about pandas? You’ll love the quiz about these furry creatures, which includes questions about how many hours they sleep and eat for. 

panda quiz questions
There are some panda questions in our animal quizzes

We’ve also got two amazing quizzes for bird lovers, so if you never travel the world without your binoculars, you’re guaranteed to score highly.

These animal quizzes are a lot of fun, so it’s time to go into the wild and see what you’ve learned! 

best of luck with these animal quiz questions
Best of luck with these animal quiz questions

Ultimate Animal Quizzes

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